Monday, September 28, 2009


New Fall specials are up on the website. Go to . In the Information link click on 'Specials'. If you know you want an appointment call quickly to secure your spot! The new holiday card designs are incredible and sure to make your family's card stand out amoung the rif-raf on the family mantel, tree or shelf! Watch the blog for the new designs that are fully customizable (if that's a word) and printed on high-quality heavy card stock. They just feel luxurious in your hand and to your eyes!

Hurray!!! the album viewer is back in working order (thank goodness) and all images are on their way to upload as I type. Crisis Averted!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

View My Album

Our album uploader is experiencing technical difficulties at the moment. The tech department is only available Mon-Fri so all images that were to be posted this weekend will not be able to be posted until Monday (fingers crossed). I am sorry for any inconvenience this has caused you and I am trying my hardest to resolve the issue. Gotta love technology:(

Because I know it's so hard to wait...

Just a little taste of the new slideshow that is included with our regular Package A, B and C on high quality DVD. Enjoy!

(For easier viewing this is a low-res web version)

For full screen viewing click the expand box at the lower right side of the video box

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Foto Fashion Friday

A couple of weeks ago we outfitted a baby girl for a one year session so it's only fair this week to outfit a toddler boy for his 2 year session on the arrival of fall. I love layered outfits and I especially LOVE hats! Cool colors, lots of layers for lots of options and best of all...oh so adorable hats. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

On The Move

Little Mr. Gunner is 9 months old already (sigh). Ohhh how I adore this little man. He just absolutly lights up my day! He was even "posing" for me this time all on his own and is now on the move. His new little pearly whites made an appearance this session and they are oh so cute! His mommy and daddy are soooo lucky to have a baby like him. Thank you so much Dustin and Ashley for such an adorable little model!

Drake & Mo

I always love my sessions with Drake & Mo! They are so spunky and full of energy. It was not quite as easy this year to get a hug out of Drake (he's too cool to hug a girl...yuck!) but he took one for the team like a trooper. They are both getting so big I'm shocked every time I see them! Just a few of my favs.

More to come...